Getting the maximum satisfaction from a cigar is always the ultimate goal for most of the cigar aficionados. There are a number of factors that you have to consider if you want to derive maximum satisfaction from your cigar. However, most of the mistakes made by cigar smokers are usually made by the cigar novices who have just started smoking. This blog is therefore very important as it is going to highlight some of the tips needed by all the cigar smokers to prevent them from making the mistakes that they make when they smoke.

Firstly, it is important to choose the best cigar that which only has tobacco and has been passed through various checks to make sure it is fit for human consumption.  Before smoking cigar, firstly ascertain that it contains tobacco and it is not discolored at all at the end. You can then go ahead and cut it off and squeeze the cigar just to get rid of the lumps. Most Cigar smokers usually get it all wrong right from the lighting of the cigar. It should be noted that the aroma and flavor of the cigar is usually affected by the flame that is used to light it. Using matches unlike lighter is usually highly recommended because it is believed that lighters usually to some extent lead to an inferior burn. You must avoid the common maintenance and purchasing pitfalls if you are to enjoy the best flavor.

Many cigar smokers usually use the low cost cigarette lighter on their cigars which usually lead to an inferior burn implying the smoker does not fully enjoy the smoking experience. When lighting a cigar it is important to either use a jet flame lighter or a torch which are specifically made for cigars. The lighter fluid has been found to negatively affect the cigar taste unlike the flame lighters and the torch which uses a favor less butane and burns completely. It is important to take one puff at a time when smoking. Avoiding taking too much puff as it might cause you to suffocate or cough uncontrollably. Avoid smoking cigars while driving as the slightest lapse in attention may cause a fatal accident.

It is important to be conscious of our friends and the general public who are non-smokers by only smoking in the designated area. Once you start smoking a cigar, make sure you smoke the whole cigar and not part of it and put it in your pocket. This is because the hot cigar will make various holes in your clothes and can even cause a fatal fire if not carefully put out. Do not smoke in a closed room because you will be depriving yourself of the fresh air and oxygen. You should instead smoke in an open place where there is constant supply of fresh air. Do not share cigars because it is unhygienic and might help spread some infectious diseases. Last but not least smoke away from the petrol stations.