Opus X Cigars are some of the most unique, rare, and sought after cigars in the world. This has been validated by the majority of cigar aficionados in the different parts of the world. The Opus X Cigars are basically Dominican Puro cigars. These cigars were first made by a man named Arturo Fuente; therefore, it is not surprising that these cigars are usually referred to as Arturo Fuente Opus X Cigars. They were one of the first ultra premium cigars. Their uniqueness has made them useful as a marketing tool for Arturo Fuente.  There are different types, sizes, and shapes of the Opus X cigars and all very high quality. Some examples include the Opus X Dan Marino Football Cigar, a 6 x 160 cigar that is shaped like a football with laces. Also, the Sammy Sosa Baseball Bat cigar which is shaped like a baseball bat. There are also cigars that have been named after many celebrities like the Opus X Crowning Glory and the Opus X Trump which has been named after John Paul the second. These cigars are usually made in very limited quantities; this explains why it is hard to find the regular Opus X line. The Opus X cigar retails at $30 a stick given the fact that the quality is second to none.

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