Cohiba brand is a brand of a premium cigar that is produced in the Dominican Republic for the United States based general cigar company. The name Cohiba comes from the word Taino which simply means tobacco. The United States Cohiba brand name was registered in the United States by a company called the General Cigar Company more than 34 years ago. The Cohiba cigar brand through the American cigar company is produced in the Dominican Republic specifically for the American market. It is important to note that the Cohiba brand that is manufactured in Cuba is illegal just like the other Cuban cigars. One Christopher Columbus on his second voyage in the year 1646 visited the Dominican Republic. He did discover that the people in the island called Taino were smoking leaves of the much cured tobacco. This is where the name Cohiba was derived from and the Cohiba cigar remains part and parcel of the Dominican Republic history.

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