Machine Rolled Cigars

In this technological world it was prudent for various ways to be invented on how to easily and effectively make cigars. Traditionally, most of the cigars were made by hand. This method is very slow and not cost effective because it involves a lot of labor. Therefore, the cigar machine was invented so that cigars could be easily rolled. Machine rolled cigars are cheaper compared to the handmade cigars. This is because they are usually produced in bulk within a short time. It is mostly smoked by the cigar novices or the daily cigar smokers who are looking for a cigar that they can smoke occasionally.

Not Pure Tobacco

Due to the various industrial processes that take place the machine rolled cigars are usually not pure. This is because through the course of the various stages of manufacturing the outer wrapper, binder, and filler tobacco mixes with other chemicals. One guarantee that cigar smokers will get when they smoke the hand rolled cigars is that the tobacco is pure. Some of the countries known to produce and export the machine made cigars are Nicaragua, Cuba, Cameroon, and the Dominican Republic. Some of the machine made cigar flavors are usually affected by the various chemicals used in the industrial processes.

Cost Effective

It is not a doubt that the machine rolled cigars are cheap both in production and usage. Cigar companies that make machine rolled cigars do not need a very big labor force since most of the processes can be done automatically. Secondly, there is no fatigue since most of the process is done by machines but controlled by man. Employees at the cigar companies usually work in shifts. It is easy to find machine made cigars that cost less than a dollar for a single stick.

The Amateur and Experienced Cigar Connoisseurs

Different cigar aficionados have different tastes and preferences. The machine rolled cigars are usually smoked by cigar novices and the amateurs. This is because most of them usually look to get that satisfying puff at a pocket friendly price. Moreover most of them are never very particular with the taste and aroma. The occasional cigar smokers will also smoke the machine rolled cigars because of many financial constraints caused by the high cost of living. However, for the experienced cigar connoisseurs they are usually specific with the flavor of the cigar and so prefer the hand rolled cigars to the machine rolled cigars.

The cigar aficionados usually describe most of the machine rolled cigars as being mild to medium. They describe them as being mild on the lighter side and medium on the basis that they have lot of exhilarating and complex flavors. Their tastes are usually full of oak and cedar with light ginger under-tones and orange peel. Their aroma and fragrance is one of a kind.