Cigars can be described as tightly rolled bundles of fermented and dried tobacco that are usually ignited so that its smoke is drawn into the mouth by the smoker. The cigar tobacco is usually grown in different countries in the world namely the Honduras, Mexico, Eastern United States, Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Cameroon and Nicaragua just but to mention a few. It is therefore very important before smoking a cigar to know what constitutes a cigar. A cigar is constituted of the filler tobacco which is usually found at the center, the binder leaf that holds the filler together and the outer wrapper which is usually rolled around the binder.

It is therefore very important to distinguish the difference between the machine and handmade cigars. Cigars that are handcrafted or made by hand usually use the long filler tobacco. The long filler tobacco can therefore be defined as the tobacco leaves which run the length of a cigar. When a cigar is handcrafted, the binder, filler and wrapper are manually combined to create a handmade cigar. Machine made cigars on the other hand use the high speed machinery to combine the short filler tobacco. Short filler tobacco refers to pieces or scraps of tobacco combining them with a wrapper and a binder. The machines usually create a tension on the tobacco thereby causing the wrappers and binders be made of the homogenized tobacco product. The homogenized tobacco product is usually stronger than the natural leaves and can therefore be produced in a variety of textures, strengths and flavors.

We got however some cigar brands that usually combine the long filler tobacco with the hand rolled wrappers. This practice is usually referred to as hand rolled and not handmade. We also have some larger cigars which use a combination or mixture of the short filler tobacco and the long filler tobacco.  The quality of the smoking experience is greatly determined with how well the tobaccos have been blended. For instance in the filler the ligero leaves which provide power are usually combined with the seco leaves which have a milder flavor and the volado which ensures that  the cigar when ignited evenly burns. These are usually combined in given ration to provide a cigar that has a balanced flavor. Most of the cigars are therefore made up of wrapped up bunches of leaves and fillers. The fillers of different strengths are usually mixed and combined to produce very unique cigar flavors. Various laboratory tests that have been carried out have indicated that the more the oils present in the tobacco leaf the stronger the filler. We have what we call the large gauge cigars that have the capacity to contain filler and thus provide a great potential of producing a complex or a full body flavor.

The major difference between the long fillers tobacco and the short fillers tobacco is that the long filler uses the whole tobacco leaves and are usually of very high quality while the short filler tobacco uses the chopped up leaves, stems and other bits of the tobacco plant. The medium fillers cigars on their part use part of the leaves of the tobacco.