It is important to properly know how to store your favorite cigars after you have bought them. In most cases many people will tend to store them in the box that they came in, this is however not recommended. Cigars should be properly stored in an environment that is very humid and warm which are very similar to the conditions in which they were manufactured. The best way to stimulate the environment such that the perfect conditions are adhered to is by using a humidor.

Humidors are available in various sizes depending on the number of cigars to be stored. They in fact vary from the large wooden cabinets to the small wooden boxes. When choosing a humidor, you should make sure that it has been crafted well so that it is able to create a tight seal. You can also use a plastic container to store your cigar but they have the advantage of not allowing your cigar to breathe a good amount of air needed to keep the cigars fresh and prevent the mould from building. It is therefore important to open the plastic container occasionally just to ascertain the moisture is at the right levels.

Cigars can also be stored in the Ziploc bag; however, this is only so for a few weeks. This is therefore recommended for cigar smokers who want to store their cigars for a shorter duration. However, cigar smokers looking for a bag that will store their cigars for a longer time can consider trying out the Fuente Humidor Bag. This bag has been specifically engineered and designed to store and keep the cigar for a longer period. It is important to also buy the humidifier together with the humidor whether it is made of plastic of wood. There are a number of humidifiers ranging from the cheap florist form to the expensive vented plastic. To make sure that your cigar is stored at the given humid levels, you will also need a hygrometer. Based on the moisture levels that the hygrometer will record you will be able to determine whether to remove or add moisture from your humidor.

It is important to keen cigars away from moisture because cigars that are wet are not only harder to light but also susceptible to mold. If the Cigars that are too dry, the wrapper will crack leaving it to burn hot with a harsh taste. Moreover the essential oils in a cigar are usually absent in a dry cigar. The effect of this is usually a tasteless and bland smoke. If you do not want your cigars to end up tasteless and dry, it is important to stabilize the humidor before placing the cigars. The following steps should therefore be taken.

Charging the humidifying device

Place a calibrated (salt tested or electronic) hygrometer in the humidor. 

Place a shallow dish of distilled water in the humidor. Some people rub the sides of the    humidor with distilled water; don’t do this, as this will only bring up the grain of the    wood.


 Place the humidification device inside the humidor. 

 Check the humidity every day. When it reaches and stays at 70%, it's time to add your    cigars. It may take a few days to a few weeks to stabilize.