Hand Rolled Cigars

One of the most basic ways in which cigars can be categorized is the method in which they are made. Cigars are either made by machines or rolled by hand. The novice smokers have been known to buy the machine rolled cigars because they are cheaper as compared to those that are handcrafted. However, the experienced cigar aficionados usually go for the hand rolled cigars.

Pure Tobacco

One guarantee that cigar smokers will get when they smoke the hand rolled cigars is that the tobacco is pure. Cigar smokers smoking the handcrafted cigars are assured that their cigar consists of the outer wrapper, filler, and binder all consisting of the 100% tobacco. The leading exporters of cigars in the world, such as Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Cuba, usually sell these high quality cigars to European markets and the United States. These cigars have a better flavor compared to the cigars that are machine made.

Cost Effective

The general perspective on hand rolled cigars are that they are expensive. It is however important to note that not all of these cigars are expensive. We have the Deco Drive NAKED Bundle hand rolled cigars that are very cost effective. There are various online shops where cigar lovers can buy bundles or boxes of inexpensive hand rolled cigars. For instance the Curly Head made by the premium cigar maker Arturo Fuente is one example of the hand rolled cigar. Some retail and online shops sell this cigar at $2.

The Amateur and the Experienced Cigar Connoisseurs

Depending on their different budgets and various financial constraints, cigar smokers have their own unique tastes and preferences of whether to smoke hand rolled or machine rolled cigars. Due to the constant rise in the cost of living, daily cigar smokers need a cheaper but quality cigar to smoke every day. Machine rolled cigars can be very attractive to such smokers but for the experienced or aspiring connoisseurs who occasionally smoke, the hand rolled cigar is worth every penny.

How to Hand Roll a Cigar

1. The binder tobacco leaves are cut with a sharp knife and flattened out on the cutting board.

2. The several filler tobacco leaves are blended depending on the desired size and taste.

3. The bunched filler leaves are then rolled inside a binder leaf.

4. The shape of the cigar can then be secured by simply cutting the binder leaf to form a roll of tobacco.

The cigar aficionados describe the hand rolled cigar as being mild to medium. They describe them as being mild on the lighter side and medium on the basis that they have lot of exhilarating and complex flavors. Their tastes are usually full of oak and cedar with light ginger under-tones and an orange peel. Their aroma and fragrance is one of a kind.