Ecuador is known world over for the high quality wrapper leaf tobacco. Ecuador, just like Cuba is a very special place to many cigar smokers given the quality cigars that are produced in the South American country. The Ecuadorian cigar wrappers are usually used locally for the production of cigars which are later exported to America and other European countries and the world as a whole. Some examples of the cigars that use the Ecuadorian wrappers in at least one of their cigar brand lines are the Bahia Gold,  Joya de Monterrey and the Arturo Fuente just but to illustrate a few examples. These are some of the widely smoked and sought after cigar underling the importance that Ecuador plays in producing quality cigars.  Cigar makers usually blend the Ecuadorian wrapper leaf with the binders from Honduras, Dominican Republic or Nicaragua to produce very high quality cigars.

Ecuador, which is located in North-western coast of South America has been growing the fillers and premium cigar wrappers since the 1960s. The immigration of cigars growers from Cuban during the 1960s that brought better tobacco seeds and skilled man power helped them a great deal. Ecuador continually experiences the humid and warm tropical climate which makes it a perfect environment for growing the wrapper tobacco. A large portion of tobacco in Ecuador is grown at the foothills of the Andean mountains which have very rich and fertile volcanic soil.

Ecuador’s unique location enables the tobacco growing regions receive a consistent cloud cover throughout the growing season with the Ecuadorian wrappers said to be Cloud-Grown and not shade grown. The light that is diffused naturally produces a cigar wrapper that has a fine-veined structure and silky texture creating a leaf with consistent color. Ecuador is popularly known for its wrapper which is exported to many countries that produce cigars. We however have a number of Ecuadorian cigar brands that are produced in Ecuador namely the La Casona, Solomne, Quavado, Puros de Armando Ramos and Ecuapuros.

The tobacco growers in Ecuador usually use the wrapper tobacco seeds from both the Sumatra and the Connecticut Valley. The Ecuadorian-Sumatra and the Ecuadorian Connecticut plants usually seem less robust in strength and flavor and milder when grown in Ecuador. This is usually attributed to the fact the Ecuador has a very unique type of soil.

Ecuador also grows the filler tobacco in addition to the high quality sun grown tobacco and the shade grown tobacco also called the cloud grown tobacco. Ecuadorian cigars are one of the best selling premium cigars in many European countries and The United States. This is because they are usually very consistent when it comes to their quality

Their  uniqueness and popularity has made their marketing  really simple because they are readily accepted by most of the cigar aficionados. They are usually handmade from the aromatic and flavorful blend thus its unique taste. The recent survey conducted by the Cigar insider which is a sister publication of Cigar Aficionado gave the Ecuadorian cigars a rating of 90% which implies it has been received well by the world’s  cigar smokers.