Cohiba brand is a brand of a premium cigar that is produced in the Dominican Republic for the United States based general cigar company. The name Cohiba comes from the word Taino which simply means tobacco. The United States Cohiba brand name was registered in the United States by a company called the General Cigar Company more than 34 years ago. The Cohiba cigar brand through the American cigar company is produced in the Dominican Republic specifically for the American market. It is important to note that the Cohiba brand that is manufactured in Cuba is illegal just like the other Cuban cigars. One Christopher Columbus on his second voyage in the year 1646 visited the Dominican Republic. He did discover that the people in the island called Taino were smoking leaves of the much cured tobacco. This is where the name Cohiba was derived from and the Cohiba cigar remains part and parcel of the Dominican Republic history.

The Cohiba was then to be developed in the same country in 1978 by one Diaz y C. This cigar brand was later to be reformulated in the early 1990s. The Cohiba brand that is made in the Dominican Republic remains the only brand to be sold in the United States markets. This unique cigar brand that is made in the Dominican Republic has taken many years for it to be developed into the most loved cigar brand in the United States. It is usually blended with the rich and dark wrapper leaf that is grown in the sub tropical West African climate of Cameroon. It is also blended with the flavorful and supple Jember binder that is grown in the Indonesia. To supplement and balance the richness of the wrapper, the very smooth smoking Piloto Cubano filler leaves are grown in the Dominican Republic. The Cohiba cigar brand made in the Dominican Republic is one of the most unique cigar brands that give a satisfying cigar that is rich in taste and flavor.  Its rich history does not make the cigar overpower the smoker.

There are a number of online cigar shops in the United States whereby cigar aficionados can buy genuine and quality Cohiba cigars at pocket friendly prices. One such location is at the Deco Drive online shop. Cigar smokers buying their cigars at the Deco Drive shops are assured of receiving cigar packages as per their budgets. There are also physical shops and stores that sell this cigar brand to the various cigar smokers.

The tobacco used to make the Cohiba cigar brand are usually grown at the first class tobacco fields. This is usually the case because the manufacturers of this cigar usually want to maintain the quality of the cigars at the different levels. The production of the tobacco fields are usually carefully selected for very high quality with the output from these fields being used in the production of quality Cohiba cigars year in year out.  The Cohiba cigar brands usually tend to be medium to full-bodied in flavor.