Nicaragua is one of the countries that are well known for producing quality cigars. The climatic condition in this South American country favors the growth of high quality tobacco. The cigars from Nicaragua are usually handmade to give them that appealing and last touch. The cigars from Nicaragua are usually made into boutique premium cigars in very small batches with attention paid to the detail to every cigar. Every cigar is then subjected to an extensive seven part labor process and tests are carried out at every stage. This is to make sure that the international standards pertaining quality cigars are strictly adhered to. This blog post is therefore going to explain in detail of what really goes on in the making of these cigars from Nicaragua.

Whenever you pronounce the word Tabacalera Esteli to any cigar maker or lover worldwide, he will no doubt confirm to you that they are the world’s finest boutique cigar maker and tobacco growers. The cigars from Nicaragua are usually handmade in very small batches by the crafters who are skilled in this art. These cigars are usually made with the cigar aficionado in mind unlike most of the mass market cigar companies. This is done with the client in mind to make sure that the final product is really what is desired by the cigar smoker. The tobacco is grown in the 200 acre fields which directly employ 325 highly skilled laborers who plant, prune and harvest the tobacco leaves when their time is ripe. The large acreage of tobacco provides the cigar companies with tobacco all year round.

Unlike other countries that import tobacco to make their cigars, the Nicaraguan cigars are made from the tobacco that is grown and cured in the South American country. After the leaves have been harvested, they are then transformed to various industrial processes that leads to the manufacture of the quality and well sought cigar. Tobacco in Nicaragua in grown at Tabacalera Esteli which has very fertile soil that is perfect for tobacco growing given its optimum humidity and temperature. The highly skilled laborers usually skillfully roll the cigars to produce perfect cigars that are adored world over by cigar aficionados. The cigars from Nicaragua are giving the cigar from Cuba regarded as the home of quality cigar a run for their money as far as the making of the cigars is concerned.

The cigars from Nicaragua have a very delightful and unique taste and its aroma and bouquet are one of the reasons as to why they are regarded as the world’s best cigars and it is therefore not a wonder that they are one of the most sought cigars by cigar aficionados. This explains why they are usually stocked to capacity in the cigar stores and humidors. The Cuban crafters are the exclusive worldwide distributors of most of the cigars from Nicaragua and their accessories. Other than distributing the cigars and their accessories the Cuban crafters also distribute the fine handcrafted cigar cases, lighters and cutters.